Oh Great Britain-  the greatest of them all?

Great enough to take our lands, and watch us while we fall?

Oh Great Britain- why’ve you betrayed me for?

From Palestine to India, colonising many more.


The country filled with shiny rocks; let’s begin with the Crown Jewels,

Though they were stolen from India, ‘they’re ours and those are the rules’.


We’ve heard that ‘history is factual’- but is that entirely true?

‘Columbus discovered America’- when America was never new.

‘Marco discovered China’. Wasn’t China already there?

Countries don’t just start to exist, when Westerners are made aware.

How about all of the glamour, when we think of Victorian days?

Forgetting all the corruption- the result of their terrible ways? 


Maturing is learning to realise, civilisation didn’t start in the West,

The Arabs had a whole system for sewage, so is the West really the best?