‘Drone Video of Gardens’ explores conventions of the gaze, imagining how non-humans look and interpret the world. By creating fake landscapes through the merging of found images, google map locations and my own footage, I created hybrid landscapes that were simultaneously real and fake, landscapes that appear real at first glance but cannot and do not exist in real life.  These images were then edited in Blender and After Effects to animate them, and to force the viewer to look at them through mechanical, non-human eyes, perhaps a drone’s perspective. I wanted the video to force the viewer to watch the video from a very specific perspective that questions the human way of looking, land ownership, trespassing and the hegemonic relationship between humans and nature. The soundscape further questions the relationship between human and nature, as it imitates a natural soundscape using found sound from archives and self-recorded sounds to create a soundscape that could never exist in real life. This video aims to explore nature from a non-human perspective, in order to call into question our own human relationship to nature.