Grew your seeds, even when you gave me nothing-

You chip away at me, breaking me and remoulding me to call your own.

‘I am the inventor, these materials are mine’

But I am the inventor.

For I am in pain- drowning in the sadness of seeing myself ripped up in a million pieces.

Humans are the predators of all beings-

Yet still they speak, displaying a facade- ‘We are good humans’- but are you humane?

I’m well as is, but I’m destroyed and lit on fire in the name of progression and development.

I am growth.

My sea life suffocate- but what can I do other than rain tears of sadness to put out the fire in my heart?

What a juxtaposition- when humans are not human.

They said, after all,

‘Take care of the earth and it will take care of you’.